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Community Roster
« on: January 30, 2020, 07:54:51 PM »

L5 Administrator

L5. @Soul (DM, STM)
L5. @Scary (ARM, BAML, GLML)

L4 Staff

L4. @Unactive (DEV)

L3 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L2 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L1 Staff
L1. @zexoN
L1. @Shark
L1. @RuDz

Administrative Duties

ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
BAML - Ban Appeal Manager Leader (Leaders of BAMs. Authorized to handle serious Ban Appeals.)
DM - Duties Manager (Authority to assign CEM, PC, CB, Head, ARM, Squad Bank, Trial Staff and more.)
IRS - Injustice Resolution Secretary (Assists the community leader in injustice resolutions.)
ME - Map Editor (Responsible for enhancing the world and fix map bugs. This duty is only assigned when needed.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Ensure that reviews are done on a monthly basis and evaluate promotions/demotions requests along with High Staff.)
GLML - Group Level Manager Leader (Handles addition of GLM and administrative matters related to GLM.)
DEV - Official Community Developer (Helps with developing the server.)

Honourables or Duties managers.
@Malone (IRS)
@Sinon (QAM)

Forum Developers
@Unactive (DEV)

Changelog: ShowHide

Shark added as L1 staff. (Staff Team)
zexoN added as L1 staff. (Staff Team)
Wickness added as FM. (Swift)
L1. Rowdy set as resigned due to inactivity. (Staff Team)
L1. Wickness has resigned. (Staff Team)
L1. Added CTM duty and assigned myself. (Wickness)
L1. Wickness added as FM. (Scary)
L1. BM changed his nickname to Wickness. (Swift)
L0. Ariana's Web Developer access removed & added Swift and Unactive. (Head Staff)
L1. xRyan has resigned. (Scary)
L4. Madaus has been kicked from the Staff Team. (Head Staff)
L5. Madaus has been demoted to L4. Topic=91.0. (Head Staff)
L1. BM & Rowdy added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
L0. Swift added as FM to help with boards. (Ariana)
L0. Added FM duty and assigned it to Web Developers. (Ariana)
L5. 7K has been kicked from the staff team for being inactive. (Staff Team)
L1. RuDz added as L1 staff. (Staff Team)
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