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Forum and Ingame Rules
« on: February 08, 2021, 07:44:11 PM »
The OSC rules apply to anyone within the community regardless of rank or position, if someone repeatably breaks one of the rules then you may report the player in complaints board if you are targetted by the offense. If neither of the rules applies but you still feel offended then use Injustice Resolution board. Be sure to read the sticky topics before posting in either board.

In-game Rules

1. Do not disrupt other players game experience. Disruptive behaviour could be, but not limited to, continuously hitting players for no reason, impersonating players or groups. Harassing players in their base is also considered disruptive behaviour.

2. OSC staff are identified by the tag [OSC] in front of their in-game name and you must comply with all reasonable requests made by a staff member. Do not bother staff unless necessary which includes using the report command to annoy staff, rather press J and use the support chat to ask for help.

3. Do not use cheats, exploit bugs or scam other players. Do not attempt to transfer items to another player outside of the F7 trading feature. Do not lend or give away accounts or ingame items, if you lose them it is your fault for trusting other players.

Mutable chat offences are:
- Super adverts that are non-English.
- Speaking non-English continuously in main or team chat.
- Misuse of a chat that is for a specific thing like support and contact admin.
- Highly abusive words like "cunt", "twat", "cock sucker".
- Any religious or political arguing, specifically insulting a religion or country.
- Racial insults like "nigger", "fucking arab".
- Homophobic insults like "fag", "faggot"
- Offering an un-guaranteed transfer like trying to sell a City Zone.
- Cyberbullying which is repeatedly harrasing the same player.
- Insult directed at someone's real life identity, like their age, family, life choices and circumstances.
- Threatening someone with any real life crime.
- Advertising another MTA server or repeatedly advertising something not OSC related.
- Anything which is illegal content, as in illegal in most countries.
- Sharing (or threatening to) private data.

Forum Rules

1. Illegal, dangerous or highly disgusting, copyright infringing content or links to such content isn't permitted. Plagiarising others players own made goods are not allowed. Group applications are not allowed to demand any information from the applicant which could be used for cyberbullying such as personal information.

2. Posts on the forum must be honest and not intended to mislead players by stating an opinion as a fact. The content of your post should not be intended to harm or heavily offend another community player by being nasty, trollish, discriminating, slandering or ungrateful towards other players. The content of your post must respect the board rules which are usually found in a sticky topic on the respective boards. Do NOT create useless drama in forum. Examples of drama are, but not limited to, continuously going on about a subject that was already answered / handled by a staff, continuously complaining administrative entities and their decisions, repeatedly complaining the same group of people for petty reasons, useless negative posts like "OSC is dead".

3. Do not post useless or repetitive messages.

4. The content of your profile must be appropriate which means that it must respect the forum rules and does not contain disturbing images. Animated images aren't permitted. Names must only contain alphabetic letters, numerical or standard keyboard characters.

5. Multi-accounting is not allowed, your lesser used account may be deleted. Posting on behalf of someone makes you responsible for possible rules infringement and will get you punished accordingly.

6. Do not send PMs (or using the @ mention system) to staff about stuff that has nothing to do with them or anything else which will be annoying like repeatedly sending PMs.

What happens if I get muted on the forum?
If your warning level goes above 70% then you will be forum muted which means that you will not be able to make topics, reply to topics or send private messages through the forum. The warning level will decrease by 1% every day which means that once you are below 70% you will be able to make posts and send messages again.

Staff code of conduct (the following rules apply not only to Staff Team but to any position in server that holds special access or is leading players, such as PC/SO/CB/GLM/ICM/PAM)

A)   Don't jump to conclusions, gather sufficient evidence first.
Staff before punishing or making any use of administrative features should keep in mind the context and the reason of why their use is necessary, gathering any evidence they need.
B)   If you have a problem, raise it with whoever it may concern.
Before you make any criticism, or Injustice Resolution try to somehow solve your problem in a friendly manner, because many things can be solved with just a conversation than a fully made drama topic.
C)   Set a good example and don't act stupid.
Even if something bad happened, Staff must never offend anybody in the chat rooms or on forums (in particular, he/she should never reply to offenses with further/more offenses).
D)   Only use your powers for what they're intended for unless you're being creative in the interests of the community.
Just because you have access to a feature it does not mean that you should use it at all times. Before doing something that requires the use of an administrative feature, think about what regular players would think in the situation, and if necessary, ask for help.
E)   If you join a group, squad, etc you mustn't get involved in any appeals or complaints of other members.
If you are not able to distinguish what is wrong and what is right, or do not want to look biased, let someone else handle them.
F)   When warning somebody for a post on the forum, either delete the post or post afterwards saying they've been warned.
Staff must always prove, fairly, why someone has been punished. Even if you have deleted the post, the player must be notified in order to make him aware that there has been a breach of a rule.
G)   Ban reasons must be detailed and reflect the actual ban reason.
Even if someone has been fairly banned, Staff must allow the player to defend himself and appeal his ban, so you must explain what really happened.
H)   Comply with any reasonable instruction given by a higher level member of staff.
Usually, when a Staff reaches a high level, he is qualified to perform such duty, because of his knowledge and dedication, so in order to improve performance, there may be requests and instruction coming from them.
I)   Anything which is private must remain private unless stated.
Staff must never talk about private content to regular users or people outside the Community. There is a reason why the board is private.
J)   Treat everyone fairly and how you'd expect to be treated yourself.
Everyone in the community should be treated equally regardless of their position or what they mean to you. Rules are to be enforced equally across the board. Cherry picking people who they punish and any sort of bias is strictly forbidden
K)   You must not be dishonest.
You should never spread a lie, nor act immorally. Always be as honest as possible regardless of the situation, because there are ways to verify if what you are stating is actually true.
L)    Staff are required to maintain professional conduct while handling their duties such as, punishing players or moderating any official boards.
Staff are not to let their personal feelings or beliefs cause them to treat people differently. They must remain objective at all times and must never act as an almighty god, threatening other players or forcing them to do something.

Examples of rule breaking, for clarification can be found here:

Punishments can be appealed here:
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