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Los Santos
LS Airport Los Santos International
LS Bank Downtown Los Santos
LS Recovery Point Mulholland Intersection
All Saints Hospital Market
Jefferson Hospital Jefferson
LSPD Pershing Square
LS Stadium East Beach
LS Trucks Shop Ocean Docks
LS Boat Shop Verdant Bluffs
LS Expensive Car Shop Rodeo
Willowfield Pay 'N Spray Willowfield
Criminal Villa Verdant Bluffs
Law Farm Hilltop farm
Carshow Area Los Santos International
Go Karting Foster Valley
Paintball Fields Foster Valley
Jizzy's Pleasure Dome San Fierro
The Pig Pen Los Santos
Zombie Town El Quebrados
Deathmatch Arena Redsands West
Car Show Area Los Santos International
Criminal Events
ACA - Aircraft Carrier Assault Easter Basin
DFR - Drug Factory Robber East Los Santos
BR - LS Bankrob Downtown Los Santos
MDM - Mad Dogg's Mansion Mulholland
DS - Drug Shipment Los Santos, Ocean Docks
PDR - Police Department Raid Dillimore
SFB - San Fierro Bankrob Downtown
San Fierro
Civilian Headquarters Downtown
SF Airport Easter Bay Airport
Santa Flora Hospital Santa Flora
SFPD Downtown
SF Stadium Foster Valley
SF Recovery Point Esplanade North
SF Expensive Car Shop Downtown
SF Cheapest Car Shop Downtown
SF Trucks Shop Easter Basin
SF Bikes Shop Garcia
SF Boats Shop Palisades
Science and Tech. Center Doherty
SF Church Calton Heights
Las Venturas
LV Airport Las Venturas Airport
LV Hospital Las Venturas Hospital
LV Recovery Point Redsands West
LVPD Roca Escalante
LV Trucks Shop Redsands West
LV Cheapest Shop Redsands East
LV Bikes Shop Royal Casino
LV Boat Shop Red Country
Out of City
Abandoned Airport Verdant Meadows
Mt. Chiliad Mount Chiliad
Tierra Robada Bayside Marina
Palomino Creek Palomino Creek
Bikes Shop Dilimore
Car Shop El Quebrados
Angel Pine Recovery Point Angel Pine
Angel Pine Car Shop Angel Pine
Old Weed Farm Leafy Hollow
Bus Driver San Fierro
Delivery Man San Fierro
Fire Fighter San Fierro
Street Cleaner San Fierro
Fisherman San Fierro
Hooker Jizzy San Fierro
Hooker Pig Pen Los Santos
Limo Driver San Fierro
LV Mechanic Las Venturas
LS Mechanic Los Santos
SF Mechanic San Fierro
Willow Mechanic Willowfield
SF News Reporter San Fierro
LS News Reporter Los Santos
LV Paramedic Las Venturas
All Saints Paramedic Los Santos
Jefferson Paramedic Los Santos
Santa Flora Paramedic San Ferro
LS Airport Pilot Los Santos
SF Airport Pilot San Fierro
LV Airport Pilot Las Venturas
Police Officer Los Santos
Police Officer San Fierro
Trucker Easter Basin San Fierro
Trucker Ocean Docks Los Santos
Taxi Driver San Fierro
Waste Collector San Fierro
Lumberjack Red Country
Farmer Flint Country
Farmer ( Hemp and Herbs ) Red Country
Iron Miner Bone Country
Cave Miner Whetstone
Farmer (Flint Range) Flint Country

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