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News and Updates / Community Roster
« on: January 30, 2020, 07:54:51 PM »

L5 Administrator

L5. @Soul (STM, DM)
L5. @Scary (ARM, BAML, GLML)

L5 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L4 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L3 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L2 Staff

- Nobody is at this position yet.

L1 Staff
L1. @Unactive (Dev)
L1. @Haisum
L1. @Talha

Administrative Duties

ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
BAML - Ban Appeal Manager Leader (Leaders of BAMs. Authorized to handle serious Ban Appeals.)
DM - Duties Manager (Authority to assign CEM, PC, CB, SO, Head, ARM, Squad Bank, ICM, Trial Staff, Translator and more.)
IRS - Injustice Resolution Secretary (Assists the community leader in injustice resolutions.)
ME - Map Editor (Responsible for enhancing the world and fix map bugs. This duty is only assigned when needed.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Ensure that reviews are done on a monthly basis and evaluate promotions/demotions requests along with High Staff.)
GLML - Group Level Manager Leader (Handles addition of GLM and administrative matters related to GLM.)


Forum Developers

Changelog: ShowHide

Talha added as L1 staff. (Staff Team)
Haisum added as L1 staff. (Staff Team)
Wickness added as FM. (Swift)
L1. Rowdy set as resigned due to inactivity. (Staff Team)
L1. Wickness has resigned. (Staff Team)
L1. Added CTM duty and assigned myself. (Wickness)
L1. Wickness added as FM. (Scary)
L1. BM changed his nickname to Wickness. (Swift)
L0. Ariana's Web Developer access removed & added Swift and Unactive. (Head Staff)
L1. xRyan has resigned. (Scary)
L4. Madaus has been kicked from the Staff Team. (Head Staff)
L5. Madaus has been demoted to L4. Topic=91.0. (Head Staff)
L1. BM & Rowdy added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
L0. Swift added as FM to help with boards. (Ariana)
L0. Added FM duty and assigned it to Web Developers. (Ariana)
L5. 7K has been kicked from the staff team for being inactive. (Staff Team)

News and Updates / Re: Updates Changelog
« on: June 24, 2019, 11:38:07 AM »
Updates recorded for 2018:
Changelog: ShowHide
Sunday 30th December 2018
- Disabled throwing the projectile outside of LV if not allowed to use it. So you won't lose ammo by throwing it accidentally. (Soul + Kross)
- Made that cops & gangsters can throw molotov cocktails outside of LV. (Soul + 7K)
- 7K promoted to L5. (Head and High Staff)
- Nicole added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Friday 28th December 2018
- Added Ingame Group Applications. You can open it from F6. you can also use: '/gapps'. If you want to apply for a group use '/gapps [group name]'. You can also give your own group ranks permission to manage the applications. (Soul + Scary)
- Kicked Neptune, Jumper, Ninho, Kozmo, Mehmet and Sousta from staff team due to inactivity. (Head and High Staff)

Thursday 27th December 2018 - Fixed a bug in Taxi & Limo Driver. The blips weren't spawning on F11. Also added LS job locations. (Soul + Nicole)

Wednesday 26th December 2018
- Added the dutch language for F7. You can change the language by changing the MTA language. (Soul)

Sunday 23rd December 2018
- Added a new job called 'Space Miner' which mines Chemicals, Oil and Gold from the asteroid above Tierra Robada. To get to the job location you can use /gps. For more information about how to do the job see F1 > 'Job: Space Miner'. (Soul + Ala)
- Removed 'Chemicals' AI Trader from F7. (Soul + Ala)

Saturday 22nd December 2018
- Added 'Alternate Sky Shader' to /settings. With this option the sky will look better. (Soul)

Saturday 15th December 2018
- 7K promoted to L4. (Head and High Staff)

Wednesday 12th December 2018
- 5thStreetSaints and Onliners promoted to L1. (Staff Team)
- Fixed the bug in nitro that it was stopping after using it a few seconds. (Soul)
- Added blips for squad members to see where your squad members are. You can disable this feature from /settings > 'Enable Squad Blips' > 'No'. (Soul + Leslie)

Sunday 9th December 2018
- Made that you cannot reload when your weapon clip is full. (Soul + Nighty)

Saturday 8th December 2018
- Fixed the glue bug that players were not able to do the fisherman job while glued on the boat. (Soul + Vikanos)
- Increased the speed in LV a litle bit. (Soul + MadAus)
- Fixed a bug that players were able to earn turf money inside of the houses. (Soul + Ninho)
- Changed the bottom right text bars a litle bit. (Soul + MadAus)
- Asking For money/Staff Will be Punishable (Staff Team)

Wednesday 5th December 2018
- Added 'Go Gangster' to X. (Soul + Ala)
Tuesday 4th December 2018
- Ninho promoted to L2. (Head and High Staff)
- Added Christmas stuff. You can find presents all over the map. To disable snow use: '/snow' and to disable the snow on the ground use: '/groundsnow'. You can also change the weather from '/weather'. (Soul)

Saturday 1st December 2018
- Added changing colors in seasparrow! Now you can put a color on your seasparrow. (Scary + calo_pt)
- LSD will not render the color of your Team anymore, it will render your jobcolor when you use the drug LSD. (Scary + calo_pt)
- added a time limit of 3 minutes between crafting rockets in LV. (Soul + Leslie)
- Added 'Lock Game Time' and 'Sync Game Time' to /settings. You can lock your game time or set your local time as ingame time with those new settings. (Soul)

Wednesday 28th November 2018
- Fixed the 'superman' bug. You will stand up when falling on the ground with a not opened parachute. (Soul + Jasper)
- Jumper is back as L2 staff! (Head and High Staff)

Monday 26th November 2018
- Added 'Player Equipment' to /settings. You are able to enable/disable the equip objects. Also added 4 new police equipents and some equipments without effects to the list. (Soul + Scary)

Thursday 22nd November 2018
- Fixed a bug where you could escape from jail using the Rustic Rocket. (Soul + Neptune)

Wednesday 21st November 2018
- Added Group Desitnation Marker. You can spawn a destination blip for your group by using the command: '/mgd'. To remove it use: '/mgd remove'. You can edit the permission for this feature from 'Group Ranks'. (Soul + Jasper)
- NepTune is back as L1 staff! (Head and High Staff)
- Changed something in playerblips system. Now you can see all jobcolors on radar + F11! (Soul + Scary)
- GLENNDOY is back as L3 staff! (Head and High Staff)

Monday 19th November 2018
- Added a system to use weapon mods. To open the panel use: '/gunmods' or just 'X > Click on yourself > Weapon Mods'. (Soul)

Friday 16th November 2018
- MadAus is back as L5 staff! (Head and High Staff)

Tuesday 13th November 2018
- Increased the LS turf money with 80%. (Soul + Ninho)

Sunday 11th November 2018
- You can't change your nickname when muted anymore. (Soul + 7K)
- 7K promoted to L3. (Head and High Staff)
- Ninho added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team & Community)

Sunday 4th November 2018
- exclusiVe & Whyos demoted to L0. (Staff Team)
- Halloween stuff removed. (Soul)

Wednesday 31st October 2018
- Added a new car named Sabre Turbo. (Soul + Jasper)
- Halloween update added. You will hear scary sounds and see scary 'things' all over the map. (Soul)

Thursday 25th October 2018
- Virtuality promoted to L1. (Staff Team)

News and Updates / Ingame Changelog
« on: June 24, 2019, 11:35:57 AM »
Updates recorded for 2019:
Changelog: ShowHide

Wednesday 23th june 2019
- Hanns added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Wednesday 26th June 2019
- MadAus has been kicked from staff team. (Head and High Staff)

Tuesday 25th June 2019
- MadAus has been demoted to L4 staff. (Head and High Staff)

Monday 24th June 2019
- Fixed not being able to shoot with the Advanced Hummer + Seasparrow. (Soul)
- Fixed a bug that players were able to walk under water. (Soul + Ariana)

Sunday 23rd June 2019
- Rowdy & BM added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Saturday 22nd June 2019
- 5thStreetSaints demoted to L0. (Staff Team)
- 7K has been kicked from staff team for inactivity. (Head Staff)
- Disabled Hydra rockets for a few days and will be added back later with an updated system. (Soul + chaiNN)

Thursday 20th June 2019
- Translated the login panel to Turkish for players with Turkish MTA language. (Soul + Scary)

Wednesday 19th June 2019
- Fixed Mechanic stats were not counting. (Scary + Jora777)
- added new local chat emoticons :* D: :| :$ >:< gj xd. (Soul)
- Mystery Bag system added. It will appear on your map if you are a Criminal/Gangster. You can get rewards from it like money, drugs and armor. (Soul + Scary)
- A new prison is added for admin jails. (Soul)

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
- Added a new window for /vipskin. (Soul + Scary)

Tuesday 21st May 2019
- Removed weed effect from the grenades. (Soul)

Monday 20th May 2019
- UnusualGang promoted to L3. (Staff Team)

Sunday 19th May 2019
- /gochief command added for Police Chiefs. They are able to set them self on duty now. (Soul + 7K)

Monday 6th May 2019
- Disabled skin 285 for the /vipskin command. It is a police skin. (Soul + Han~)
- Hydra will slowly repair itself if occupied and stationary. (Soul + MadAus)
- Added a fuel station that was missing in Palomino Creek. (Soul + Haisum)
- Removed grass all over the map for better FPS. (Soul)
- Added 'Show Rapid Transport Blips' in /settings. This will allow you to disable transport blips. (Soul)
- Fixed the blips sometimes were able to see even if they were disabled in your /settings. (Soul + MadAus)
- Fixed the deagle rapid fire exploit. (Soul)
- Translated the login panel to Spanish for players with Spanish MTA language. (Soul)

Saturday 4th May 2019
- Added login messages for squad members. You can disable it from /settings. (Soul + Haisum)
- Added a m4 turret for the criminals spawn in JFM to prevent getting spawn killed. (Soul + Haisum)
- Fixed not being able to respawn a vehicle after getting respawned in a turf or a hospital. (MadAus)
- Fixed a bug where players were able to use the vipjetpack with wanted level. (Soul + MadAus)

Friday 3rd May 2019
- Added a new LS bank robbery system. Criminals must hold 4 checkpoints for 6 minutes to rob the bank. There are also great rewards for killing a robber or a cop. Use /crimevent to see the when the event will start. (Soul + Scary)

Wednesday 1st May 2019
- Made that police must hit 3 times with the nightstick to arrest a wanted player. (Soul + Zexeeo)

Thursday 2nd May 2019
- Fixed being able to spam 'n' to buy armor in JFM. You won't be able to buy another armor within 10 seconds! (Soul + Talha)

Wednesday 1st May 2019
- Added a few updates in the Jefferson Motel. You will get 2 stars entering the interior from now. Fixed that Gangsters Team was spawning at the cop side when entering the JFM. Fixed the M4 not shooting on Gangsters. (Scary + Talha)

Tuesday 30th April 2019
- Fixed the vehicle store in SF downtown. It was having only a bike in it, now you can buy many different cars. (Soul)

Monday 29th April 2019
- Fixed the heart blip that got stuck on the map when your partner went offline. (Soul)
- You are now able to sell your tag color in F7. (Soul)

Tuesday 30th April 2019
- Made that Gangsters are allowed to rob stores now. (Scary + iSeba$tijanN)
- Changed the accuracy of Tec-9! Now the tec-9 is more accurate. (Scary + MadAus)

Monday 29th April 2019
- MadAus is back as L5 staff! (Head and High Staff)
- You can't fire weapons when not aiming anymore. (Soul + Scary)

Sunday 28th April 2019
- Added drugs selling AI Traders in F7! (Scary)

Tuesday 23rd April 2019
- Ryan added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Monday 22nd April 2019
- Haftbefehl added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)
- Made that you can not heal yourself with med kit while sprinting. Also made that 1 med kit will heal 100 HP. (Soul)
Sunday 21st April 2019
- 'Phone' app is removed from the phone(B) because of problems in the voice system. It might be added back soon. (Soul)
Saturday 16th March 2019
- Added the 'Phone' app in the phone(B). With this application you can call other players and talk with them. If you want to disable this feature there is a setting in /settings called 'Disable Phone Calls' to disable it. (Soul)
Friday 15th March 2019
- Fixed Pickaxe equip bug. It was working in slot 1. Now it is only working in slot 2. (Soul + Super18)

Friday 11th February 2019
- Fixed a bug that made it able to use a skin from any group by creating a squad with the same name and add yourself to its whilelist. (Soul + Jasper)

Thursday 10th February 2019
- Fixed that players were able to enter the JFM with jetpack. (Soul + iRaMoS)
- Added a better handling for the bikes that are tuned. Also the Bugatti got some updates in the handling. (Soul)
- Nicole promoted to L2. (Head and High Staff)

Tuesday 31st January 2019
- 5thStreetSaints promoted to L2. (Staff Team)

Friday 13th January 2019
- Removed snow. You can start it from /weather if you want. (Soul)

News and Updates / Custom skins shaders shop [LOCKED]
« on: June 24, 2019, 03:39:16 AM »


In this topic you can buy skin shaders to change the appearance of your own skin ingame. You're free to choose between skins for groups/squads or personal skins. Shaders are not models, they only change textures of skins, such as their clothes. Maximum resolution of the jpg image you can send is 1024x1024 or 1024x512 depending on skin you'll submit, this means you can turn any skin into high definition texturised skin.

Once bought a shader you must request it in a forum PM to me, using the format below. Shader transfers are forbidden due to the fact players stole entire groups and accounts to get hold of shaders and later on transfer them to other players. Skins with any kind of offensive content won't be accepted. You can edit only 1 image per skin due to OSC limitations.

Shaders that get added will not be removed unless it's a serious case. This means I won't remove something because you're bored of it or because the group you bought the shader for kicked you.

WARNING! ONLY ONE SKIN CAN BE APPLIED PER APPLICATION! (Applying more than one skin per apply will result in an auto deny for your application).

Payment section:
Personal skin shader: $60,000,000
Squad skin shader: $80,000,000
Group skin shader: $80,000,000

Edit personal shader: $30,000,000
Edit gang/squad shader: $40,000,000

NOTE: The application center will be open from Monday - Friday. The application center will be closed on Saturday and the paid skins will be added on Sunday. If you haven't paid yet, you'll have to wait till the next Sunday for your skin to be added.

Request Format:
Code: [Select]
[b]1. in-game name:[/b]
[b]2. account name:[/b]
[b]3. I want to request a (Personal/Group/Squad) skin:[/b]
[b]4. Group / Squad name(don't fill if personal):[/b]
[b]5. I am ready to pay the money:[/b]
[b]6. Skin file(link):[/b]
[b]7. Skin ID:[/b]

Edit Format:
Code: [Select]
[b]1. in-game name:[/b]
[b]2. account name:[/b]
[b]3. I want to change a (Personal/Group/Squad) skin:[/b]
[b]4. Group / Squad name(dont fill if personal):[/b]
[b]5. I am ready to pay the money:[/b]
[b]6. Skin file link (link):[/b]
[b]7. Skin ID:[/b]

News and Updates / Custom car shaders shop [LOCKED]
« on: June 24, 2019, 02:50:08 AM »

In this topic you can buy shaders to apply on your cars. They will change the paint job of the car, making it unique. Well known examples are paintjobs for sultan, elegy, savanna, etc. Some cars need special templates to have their shader added. Shader is bound to your account. Even if you sell the car, you'll still be able to use it once you buy it again. It's like a personal skin shader always applied even when you don't use the skin. One example is the Sabre Turbo. Don't worry, below here, I'll provide all the templates you need in order to create your car shader. You can also apply shaders on helicopters like Cargobob. You can ask every question here by replying in this topic. Please if you don't know anything, don't answer to other players' questions, it's annoying and obnoxious and it'll get you a warning. If you have any doubts ASK BEFORE paying.

Requirements are similar to skin shaders:
- Max 1024x1024pixel of size;
- Image format must be .jpg or .jpeg;
- You can request one car shader per vehicle;
- You can buy all car shaders you want

Personal car shader: $80,000,000
Squad car shader: $110,000,000
Group car shader: $130,000,000

Request Format:
Code: [Select]
[b]1. IG-name:[/b]
[b]2. account name:[/b]
[b]3. I want to request a (Personal/Group/Squad) skin shader:[/b]
[b]4. Group / Squad name(don't fill if personal):[/b]
[b]5. I am ready to pay the money:[/b]
[b]6. Skin shader file(link):[/b]
[b]7. Car ID:[/b]

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