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News and Updates / Letter from Staff Team
« on: July 06, 2019, 07:38:45 PM »
Welcome to OSC!

Hey you there, welcome to OSC1.NET! OSC, or Old School Community, is an MTA: SA server created by Soul & Scary. This server is known for its task to make the community happy by bringing old systems back into the game in a bug free and improved way. Your suggestions are therefore also important to us. That is why we also want you to leave suggestions on this forum.

You can also apply for different types of ranks here, buy certain things or submit a ban appeal. To be able to see many things you must of course create an account on this forum and log in with your account. Creating an account is very simple. You can do this by pressing the register button at the top right. When you have registered you have to wait a while for a staff member to approve your account. That is why it is important to make your forum name the same as with your ingame name. We also recommend that you read the rules carefully. If you do not follow the rules you can expect a ban on the forum and ingame.

Would you also like to join OSC but don't know how? You can do that by pressing the green button on the left here called "Connect". To activate this button you need MTA: SA which can be downloaded in the Links section here on the left side of the forum.

We also want to wish you a nice time at OSC. For help you can always contact an OSC staff on the Forum, ingame or on our Discord server. This too can be found on the left in the Links section.


News and Updates / Forum Changelog
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:12:17 AM »
For the purpose of transparency below is the forum changelog.

This changelog will only reflect changes from 26/06/2019 and onwards.

Changelog: ShowHide

Avatar bug fixed (Unactive + @Liso69 )
Guests can only see News & Updates board from now on (Unactive + Wickness)
Created a Donator Level store (Unactive)
Created a store Block with a button redirecting to the store (Unactive)
Changed the news message on the top of the forum (Unactive)
Added new links to links block (Unactive)
Added Birthday block (Unactive)
Added Icons (Unactive)
Changed various icons for newer modern ones, clear cache to see. (Ariana)
Made some theme improvements (Ariana)
Fixed banned members showing the ban avatar and their previous one. (Ariana)
Low ranking staff and board moderators can no longer see members IP addresses for the sake of privacy. (Ariana)


If I was a dev I'd work on this ;c


you already have  :tick: and  :cross:

If thats what you want, everyone looking the same then fine.


Details of the suggestion: Forum stuff: Changing the mention color from red to blue.

It’s worth of time for developing because: It wont take more than 1min since you'll change just the color from the admin panel also the red color is kinda bad , i've to mention @Ariana since he's the web developer.

mention colors are based on what rank you are. Thats why mine is pink. Staff is red.

look when I mention you its blue: @MorT

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