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July 06, 2019, 07:38:45 PM by Unactive | Views: 553 | Comments: 0

Welcome to OSC!

Hey you there, welcome to OSC1.NET! OSC, or Old School Community, is an MTA: SA server created by Soul & Scary. This server is known for its task to make the community happy by bringing old systems back into the game in a bug free and improved way. Your suggestions are therefore also important to us. That is why we also want you to leave suggestions on this forum.

You can also apply for different types of ranks here, buy certain things or submit a ban appeal. To be able to see many things you must of course create an account on this forum and log in with your account. Creating an account is very simple. You can do this by pressing the register button at the top right. When you have registered you have to wait a while for a staff member to approve your account. That is why it is important to make your forum name the same as with your ingame name. We also recommend that you read the rules carefully. If you do not follow the rules you can expect a ban on the forum and ingame.

Would you also like to join OSC but don't know how? You can do that by pressing the green button on the left here called "Connect". To activate this button you need MTA: SA which can be downloaded in the Links section here on the left side of the forum.

We also want to wish you a nice time at OSC. For help you can always contact an OSC staff on the Forum, ingame or on our Discord server. This too can be found on the left in the Links section.

OSC Staff


Spoiler: ShowHide
Community Roster


L5 Staff

L5. @Soul (STM, DM)
L5. @Scary (ARM, BAML, GLML)

L4 Staff

L3 Staff


L2 Staff

L2. Nicole (inactive)

L1 Staff

L1. @Rowdy (CM, PAA, BAM, FMM, IRS)
L1. @Unactive (HFM)

Support Staff

L0. @RaMoS
L0. Neptune
Administrative Duties

ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
BAML - Ban Appeal Managers Leader (Oversees BAMs, serves the purpose of 3rd Instance Appeals)
CM - Complaints Manager (Regularly checks complaints board for a faster response from staff members.)
DM - Duties Manager (Authority to assign CEM, PC, CB, SO, Head, ARM, Squad Bank, ICM, Trial Staff, Translator and more.)
FBM - Forum Board Manager (Authority to add / remove / edit forum boards for groups, squads etc)
IRS - Injustice Resolution Secretary (Assists the community leader in injustice resolutions.)
ME - Map Editor (Responsible for enhancing the world and fix map bugs. This duty is only assigned when needed.)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency.)
PR - Profiles Reviewer (Responsible for providing a proper feedback to topics created on Administrative Profiles board in order to assist Duties Manager.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Ensure that reviews are done on a monthly basis and evaluate promotions/demotions requests along with High Staff.)
GLML - Group Level Manager Leader (Handles addition of GLM and administrative matters related to GLM.)
FM - Forum Manager (Manages the back-end of the forum)
HFM - Head Forum Manager (Manages the web server, Domain and the Back-end of the forum)



Forum Developers

@Unactive (HFM)
@Swift (FM)

Changelog: ShowHide

L1. Wickness added as FM. (Scary)
L1. BM changed his nickname to Wickness. (Swift)
L0. Removed Ariana's Web Developer access & added Swift and Unactive. (Head Staff)
L1. xRyan has resigned. (Scary)
L4. Madaus has been kicked from the Staff Team. (Head Staff)
L5. Madaus has been demoted to L4. Topic=91.0. (Head Staff)
L1. BM & Rowdy added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
L0. Swift added as FM to help with boards. (Ariana)
L0. Added FM duty and assigned it to Web Developers. (Ariana)
L5. 7K has been kicked from the staff team for being inactive. (Staff Team)
June 26, 2019, 10:12:17 AM by Unactive | Views: 489 | Comments: 0

For the purpose of transparency below is the forum changelog.

This changelog will only reflect changes from 26/06/2019 and onwards.

Changelog: ShowHide

Avatar bug fixed (Unactive + @Liso69 )
Guests can only see News & Updates board from now on (Unactive + Wickness)
Created a Donator Level store (Unactive)
Created a store Block with a button redirecting to the store (Unactive)
Changed the news message on the top of the forum (Unactive)
Added new links to links block (Unactive)
Added Birthday block (Unactive)
Added Icons (Unactive)
Changed various icons for newer modern ones, clear cache to see. (Ariana)
Made some theme improvements (Ariana)
Fixed banned members showing the ban avatar and their previous one. (Ariana)
Low ranking staff and board moderators can no longer see members IP addresses for the sake of privacy. (Ariana)
June 24, 2019, 11:35:57 AM by Scary | Views: 695 | Comments: 1

Updates recorded for 2019:
Changelog: ShowHide

Wednesday 23th june 2019
- Hanns added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Wednesday 26th June 2019
- MadAus has been kicked from staff team. (Head and High Staff)

Tuesday 25th June 2019
- MadAus has been demoted to L4 staff. (Head and High Staff)

Monday 24th June 2019
- Fixed not being able to shoot with the Advanced Hummer + Seasparrow. (Soul)
- Fixed a bug that players were able to walk under water. (Soul + Ariana)

Sunday 23rd June 2019
- Rowdy & BM added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Saturday 22nd June 2019
- 5thStreetSaints demoted to L0. (Staff Team)
- 7K has been kicked from staff team for inactivity. (Head Staff)
- Disabled Hydra rockets for a few days and will be added back later with an updated system. (Soul + chaiNN)

Thursday 20th June 2019
- Translated the login panel to Turkish for players with Turkish MTA language. (Soul + Scary)

Wednesday 19th June 2019
- Fixed Mechanic stats were not counting. (Scary + Jora777)
- added new local chat emoticons :* D: :| :$ >:< gj xd. (Soul)
- Mystery Bag system added. It will appear on your map if you are a Criminal/Gangster. You can get rewards from it like money, drugs and armor. (Soul + Scary)
- A new prison is added for admin jails. (Soul)

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
- Added a new window for /vipskin. (Soul + Scary)

Tuesday 21st May 2019
- Removed weed effect from the grenades. (Soul)

Monday 20th May 2019
- UnusualGang promoted to L3. (Staff Team)

Sunday 19th May 2019
- /gochief command added for Police Chiefs. They are able to set them self on duty now. (Soul + 7K)

Monday 6th May 2019
- Disabled skin 285 for the /vipskin command. It is a police skin. (Soul + Han~)
- Hydra will slowly repair itself if occupied and stationary. (Soul + MadAus)
- Added a fuel station that was missing in Palomino Creek. (Soul + Haisum)
- Removed grass all over the map for better FPS. (Soul)
- Added 'Show Rapid Transport Blips' in /settings. This will allow you to disable transport blips. (Soul)
- Fixed the blips sometimes were able to see even if they were disabled in your /settings. (Soul + MadAus)
- Fixed the deagle rapid fire exploit. (Soul)
- Translated the login panel to Spanish for players with Spanish MTA language. (Soul)

Saturday 4th May 2019
- Added login messages for squad members. You can disable it from /settings. (Soul + Haisum)
- Added a m4 turret for the criminals spawn in JFM to prevent getting spawn killed. (Soul + Haisum)
- Fixed not being able to respawn a vehicle after getting respawned in a turf or a hospital. (MadAus)
- Fixed a bug where players were able to use the vipjetpack with wanted level. (Soul + MadAus)

Friday 3rd May 2019
- Added a new LS bank robbery system. Criminals must hold 4 checkpoints for 6 minutes to rob the bank. There are also great rewards for killing a robber or a cop. Use /crimevent to see the when the event will start. (Soul + Scary)

Wednesday 1st May 2019
- Made that police must hit 3 times with the nightstick to arrest a wanted player. (Soul + Zexeeo)

Thursday 2nd May 2019
- Fixed being able to spam 'n' to buy armor in JFM. You won't be able to buy another armor within 10 seconds! (Soul + Talha)

Wednesday 1st May 2019
- Added a few updates in the Jefferson Motel. You will get 2 stars entering the interior from now. Fixed that Gangsters Team was spawning at the cop side when entering the JFM. Fixed the M4 not shooting on Gangsters. (Scary + Talha)

Tuesday 30th April 2019
- Fixed the vehicle store in SF downtown. It was having only a bike in it, now you can buy many different cars. (Soul)

Monday 29th April 2019
- Fixed the heart blip that got stuck on the map when your partner went offline. (Soul)
- You are now able to sell your tag color in F7. (Soul)

Tuesday 30th April 2019
- Made that Gangsters are allowed to rob stores now. (Scary + iSeba$tijanN)
- Changed the accuracy of Tec-9! Now the tec-9 is more accurate. (Scary + MadAus)

Monday 29th April 2019
- MadAus is back as L5 staff! (Head and High Staff)
- You can't fire weapons when not aiming anymore. (Soul + Scary)

Sunday 28th April 2019
- Added drugs selling AI Traders in F7! (Scary)

Tuesday 23rd April 2019
- Ryan added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Monday 22nd April 2019
- Haftbefehl added as Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)
- Made that you can not heal yourself with med kit while sprinting. Also made that 1 med kit will heal 100 HP. (Soul)
Sunday 21st April 2019
- 'Phone' app is removed from the phone(B) because of problems in the voice system. It might be added back soon. (Soul)
Saturday 16th March 2019
- Added the 'Phone' app in the phone(B). With this application you can call other players and talk with them. If you want to disable this feature there is a setting in /settings called 'Disable Phone Calls' to disable it. (Soul)
Friday 15th March 2019
- Fixed Pickaxe equip bug. It was working in slot 1. Now it is only working in slot 2. (Soul + Super18)

Friday 11th February 2019
- Fixed a bug that made it able to use a skin from any group by creating a squad with the same name and add yourself to its whilelist. (Soul + Jasper)

Thursday 10th February 2019
- Fixed that players were able to enter the JFM with jetpack. (Soul + iRaMoS)
- Added a better handling for the bikes that are tuned. Also the Bugatti got some updates in the handling. (Soul)
- Nicole promoted to L2. (Head and High Staff)

Tuesday 31st January 2019
- 5thStreetSaints promoted to L2. (Staff Team)

Friday 13th January 2019
- Removed snow. You can start it from /weather if you want. (Soul)

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