XSSale - a New Auction Paradigm

Embed the auction whereever you want. Auction from ads, blogs, your website

Fully SEO. People find your items for sale from search engines.

No sniping. Purchase instantly rather than waiting for the auction to end.


What's Different?

Traditional auction sites restrict you to selling items on their site with substaintial fees. Your customer base is limited to their subscribers. You are limited to their policies. We provide a way for you to build your auction item into any website. You can sell directly from your blog or website, while also being listed on our website.

Our auctions are reverse auctions. The price of an item falls and the first person to click on it purchases the item. This prevents sniping, and the sale is instantious, so there is not waiting or watching to see if you won the item.

The Details

How it Works

To create a listing sign on to your dashboard and click the "New Listing" button. Upload pictures a title and a description. The title should describe the item being sold, as it will be used to generate search phrases. The details should describe the item fully. Choose tags that apply to the item. These tags are legally binding so choose them carefully. The tags should serve to describe the item in its entirety.

Once the listing is complete it is immeadiately available on XSSale.com. To add it to your blog or other website, copy the "share" link code and embed that on your blog. The listing should appear exactly where you place the code. If your blog or website doesn't allow embedded iframes you can embed the image link and your visitors will see a static version of the listing. Clicking on this static version will take them to the XSSale site and your active listing.

The price on your listing will fall from the starting price to the ending price until a buyer clicks on the item. When the buyer clicks on the item it will immeadiately change to "Sold" status and an email will be sent to both buyer and seller. The email will contain links to payment platforms that may be used to complete the transaction.

All communication and payment is the responsibility of the buyer and seller. XSSale is only an advertising platform.

When a buyer clicks on the link the item is sold. This uses one listing credit and the buyer and seller are sent emails to complete the sale. If, for some reason, the sale did not complete, the seller may re-activate the listing and the price will continue to drop from the previous price.

Sellers purchase blocks of credits. As long as they have any available credits they may create new listings. If they run out of credits they are informed by email and all listings are hidden and suspended. As long as they have at least one credit they will be able to create unlimited new listings.

These instructions make it all sound much more complicated than it really is. We recommend you go set up a listing and watch it run, then click the button to purchase the item from yourself. Be sure and put "Test-Only" in the title and we will refund your listing credit.

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